Electrical Installation and Upgrades

Braytech Electrical offers a range of electrical installation and upgrade services to enhance the efficiency and functionality of commercial establishments. This category includes new circuit installation, ensuring a reliable power supply to accommodate increasing electrical demands. The structured cabling design and installation services facilitate seamless communication and data connectivity within the organization. Energy-efficient lighting upgrades help businesses reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimal illumination. Smart wiring systems are integrated to enhance automation and control, streamlining operations and improving energy management. Additionally, the team specializes in lighting design and installation, creating well-lit and productive workspaces for employees.

Maintenance and Safety Services

The second category encompasses crucial maintenance and safety services that keep commercial spaces running smoothly and safely. Braytech Electrical provides general maintenance services to identify and resolve electrical issues promptly, preventing disruptions to business operations. RCD testing ensures that the organization's electrical protection devices are functioning correctly, safeguarding against electric shocks and hazards. Through thermal imaging, potential electrical faults are detected early, preventing costly breakdowns and mitigating risks. The exit and emergency light testing service ensures that emergency lighting systems are in optimal working condition, ready to provide illumination during critical situations.

Commercial Fit-Outs and Repairs

Braytech Electrical is well-equipped to handle commercial fit-outs and repairs, transforming spaces to meet the specific requirements of businesses. Shop fit-outs are meticulously executed, creating inviting and well-lit retail environments that enhance the customer experience. Flood lighting installation ensures adequate exterior illumination, promoting safety and security during nighttime hours. For office spaces, the team offers office data cabling services, facilitating efficient data transfer and communication. Programmed maintenance services cater to ongoing electrical needs, ensuring continuous reliability. Additionally, the team performs single and multi-level commercial/office fit-outs, combining functionality with aesthetics. For existing switchboards, the installation and alteration of switchboard metering optimize power management. Lastly, repair and replacement services cover emergency lights and exit lights, guaranteeing proper functioning during emergencies. Regular replacement of lamps and cleaning of light fittings maintain a well-lit and comfortable working environment for employees.