Residential Service's

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

Bray Tech Electrical provides a wide array of residential electrical services, including general electrical works, circuit breaker services, smoke alarms and fire protection system installation, security lighting, ceiling and exhaust fan installations, broadband and Wi-Fi cabling, LED lighting installation, switchboard services, power point installation and repair, phone and data cabling, and complex home-wiring for large appliances.

Hot Water System Services

As a domestic electrician specializing in hot water system services, Bray Tech Electrical excels in proficiently repairing and maintaining residential hot water systems. With a keen eye for diagnosing issues, they offer accurate assessments of the system's problems. Armed with their expertise, they swiftly and effectively address various hot water system malfunctions, such as faulty heating elements, thermostats, and electrical components. Bray Tech Electrical prioritizes safety throughout the repair process, ensuring both the homeowner and the property remain secure. Beyond repairs, they provide valuable maintenance tips and energy-saving recommendations to optimize the system's performance.

Consultation and Inspection Services

Bray Tech Electrical offers specialized Consultation and Inspection Services aimed at providing practical and cost-effective recommendations to homeowners. With their expert guidance, they help clients identify the most efficient and budget-friendly solutions for their electrical needs. Their Inspection Service is designed to detect and rectify faulty electrical fittings, ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire electrical system. Additionally, they excel in upgrading electrical panels to accommodate suitable power consumption, tailoring the setup to match the specific requirements of the residence